Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Magical Battle of Britain

Dion Fortune's War Letters - which I was commissioned to edit back in 1991 under the title of The Magical Battle of Britain has for various reasons been out of print for most of the past nigh on twenty years. In the meantime it has reached astronomical prices on the second hand market and its absence has sparked all kinds of ridiculous rumours about Dion Fortune taking on the forces of the Third Reich almost singlehanded and I know not what else. The truth is better than the fiction - and now you have a chance to see for yourself at a reasonable price as it has just been republished by Skylight Press. Go to it!


Dean Wilson said...

Glad to see this back in print. I've wanted to read it for years. I'll certainly be ordering a copy soon :)


Rafi said...

A friend lent me a copy; read it about 3 years ago. Re-read it last year after obtaining a copy. My friend, an occultist and rather anti-Christian, speculated that DF's emphasis on Christian symbols was a counter-measure to the overt paganism of the Nazis. That the Xtian frame was safer than the old Celtic inasmuch as it avoided tyhe problem of 2 localized paganisms devolving into primative blood lust.

I am more an independent esoteric Christian, familiar with the lineages of western esoteric traditions. That Bligh Bond was a friend of Fortune's mother caught my attention. Then DF did not start as an unaware innocent. (BTW, I have the Bond/Lea books.)

That DF was a medium is also interesting. While those like Blavatsky and Steiner are obviously 1st rate, I find the idea problematic. If we can't verify for ourselves what they claim, then we have to take them on faith. Which is simply another form of argument by authority--the very reason many have left the established churches.
Rafi Jose
SF Bay area, CA

Celtic Fire said...

Fantastic. This is great news. Many thanks to the Skylight Crew for republishing this fascinating work!