Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Contacting the Western Masters

Over the Summer Solstice there has been some interest in an old tape recording of mine called “Contacting the Western Masters”. We hope to be able to  reissue it some time but converting ancient technology is a time consuming business and we have much else on our plates at Skylight Press. Hopefully, some time within the next twelve months.

In the meantime anyone seriously interested could do a lot worse than take a look at a couple of books of mine. "The Abbey Papers" contains scripts of contacts with these particular masters and, if you were to read these through in a meditative manner, that could work just as well as listening to a tape. Also my little book "Magical Images and the Magical Imagination" gives detailed guidance on making similar contacts.

I make this suggestion along with a cautionary quote from “Letters of Light”, the magical letters of William G Gray to Alan Richardson, a recently published by Skylight  – “By the way, don’t attempt  to ‘hear words’, just ‘get it by contact’. The contact will sort itself out into English via your mind in its own time. In fact it is silly to expect English or any other human language on that level, for no one speaks like that there.”

In other words, what matters is a ‘mind to mind’ contact on an intuitive level – which is how I have learned to work - apart from rare occasions such as the ‘Abbey’ contact that came upon me all unexpected and unsought for while editing the war letters of Dion Fortune. 

More details of these titles can be found on the Skylight Press web site.

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