Monday, September 26, 2016


Back in the 1980’s on one of my first trips to France I was invited to give a talk at the Pompidou Centre in Paris by an outfit called Les Philosophes de la Nature the brain child of  a charismatic character called Jean Dubuis, a scientist by profession but also an esoteric teacher with an emphasis on alchemy in theory and practice. I was quite amazed by what I saw and heard and regretted that my French at that time was not quite equal to learning all I would have liked.

Jean Dubuis has since passed on at the age of 90 but I have heard that much of his work, translated into English, has just been made available free on the internet courtesy of an organisation called Portae Lucis.

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Dr. Daniel Medina said...

Mr. Knight:

Good evening, sir. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your works. You have made a lifelong difference in my life as a child of God in Christ and one of His priests. I cannot begin to quantify the measure of good it has done me to consume - slowly chewing on every morsel your writing has provided to me. I can say, without any reservation whatsoever, that the writing of Gareth Knight will remain the quintessential reserve of wisdom, teaching, insights and instruction, for any Christian wanting to reconnect with the gifts of the Spirit, the wisdom of Scripture, the true power of the Holy Spirit and the reality of theosis on this side of the Jordan - literally on earth as it is in heaven - as it is above, so below.

I do not have your email and I cannot afford the membership and coursework of the SoL. I do however, feel blessed to be surrounded by your books and to see how the pages come to life in my daily ministry as a hospice chaplain and as a parish priest.

Thank you again, kind sir, for being a true teacher and for taking the words of the Gospel so literally, as you have freely received, so you do the same.

All my best and many, many blessings,

Your friend and brother in the Christ,


Daniel+ Medina
Miami, FL

Emma Charlotte said...

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