Saturday, September 23, 2006


Welcome to the new Gareth Knight website!

You will find here details of all my books and also those of Dion Fortune.

I am also opening a new e-mail address in the hope that this time round, with more advanced technology, it will not be swamped with spam, which is what happened before and caused me to give up contact with the outside world by these means. A pity for the few genuine enquirers with whom some dialogue might have been welcome.

Another new feature is this diary of news and views along with an occasional script of recent talks or articles which you are welcome to download. Copyright remains mine but feel free to pass it on or reproduce it for your friends.

The most recent talk I gave was "Avalon of the Heart" at Glastonbury town hall on 2nd September at a conference to celebrate the life and work of Dion Fortune. This was a highly successful event which by popular demand seems set to be repeated next September 1st, 2007 at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. For details log on to the organisers where you can find a copy of my talk in full together with photos and other details of the day. On their associated site you can also find a collection of recent articles of mine entitled "Dion Fortune and the Lost Secrets of the West" along with my foray into fiction "Granny`s Magic Cards" available for sale as PDF files.

Yours sincerely, Gareth Knight