Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Anthologies of Occult Wisdom!

At the beginning of May I posted a review of Volume 2 of An Anthology of Occult Wisdom that had just come my way - forty years of writings of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and Walter Ernest Butler from the archives of the Servants of the Light School of Occult Science. I have since come upon Volume 1 in the series and am equally impressed with it as a fascinating and most useful compendium for any serious esoteric student of the western mystery tradition. Just two of the articles included - The Elemental Kingdom by D.A-N and The Training and Work of an Occultist by W.E.B. - are well worth the cover price from a 180 page book that contains a score of other talks and articles on subjects as diverse as Increasing Personal Power to Aphrodite the Awakener, or from The Table Round to Assumption of the Godform.

However, that is not all in this exciting series. Volume 3 is about to be published in which I have been invited to contribute some works of my own over the years. These include talks I have given to various audiences - Dion Fortune in Bristol and Somerset; The Magical Life; The Faery Tradition in Arthurian Legend, Dion Fortune and the Masonic Tradition plus some early efforts an inner plane communication Reflections on the Mirror of Venus and DF Lives! OK?
This in addition to contributions from the usual SOL stalwarts on Social Work and the Unseen, The Seven Jewels of the Heart, The Automatisms of Mediumship, and Trance.

Now available for pre-order, like the others it costs $20 + shipping ($3 US $10 UK/Europe). Any questions to Any paypal payments to