Sunday, May 08, 2011

An Anthology of Occult Wisdom Volume 4

Just published - the latest book in this fascinating series edited by Debbie Chapnick - this one containing 40 years of writings from the archives of Dolores Aschcroft-Nowicki, Dion Fortune, W.E.Butler and Gareth Knight.

This one contains four training papers from the early 1970's by W. E. Butler. 

Half a dozen records of personal occult experience by Dion Fortune dating from the 1920's and early 30's including some Occult Notes on Atlantis & Lemuria, here listed as anonymous, but probably also from Dion Fortune with additional later material by Margaret Lumley Brown which I included as an Appendix in my edited version of The Arthurian Formula (Thoth Publications 2006).

Five very practical lessons by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki from the early 1970's including detailed instructions on preparing the traditional magical weapons of wand, cup, pantacle and sword - plus herbs and incense magic.

A dozen articles by me first published in The Inner Light Journal from 2002 to 2005, later issued in PDF form only by Ritemagic under the title Dion Fortune and the Lost Secrets of the West which includes besides this leading article first delivered as a talk to the Temenos Academy in 2003 a follow up lecture on The Western Esoteric Tradition in Popular Culture later that year.

The other articles comprise The Dweller on the Threshold; Journey to the Moon (a comparison of three 32nd Path Workings by myself, Dolores, and Alan Adams (aka Charles Fielding) of the London Group); Fantasy Belief and Reality; Chretien de Troyes - the first Arthurian Romancer, (my first shot at what developed into a book published by R J Stewart in 2008 entitled The Faery Gates of Avalon); The Elemental Tides; Do You Believe in Fairies?; Dion Fortune and the Mystical Qabalah (my Introduction to a German edition of Dion Fortune's famous title); Is there a Psychic in the House?; The Magical World of Dion Fortune; The Red Rose and the White.

Altogether just over 250 pages for $25.00 plus postage from Datura Press - full details on how to get it from and