Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring message 2008

Well Spring has finally sprung after what has been somewhat of a hard winter and among the first green shoots to show is publication of MAGIC AND THE POWER OF THE GODDESS on April 15th by Destiny Books, which some of you may already have met in its former incarnation as “Evoking the Goddess”. It has evolved out of a great deal of practical work of mine over the years in public workshops and private groups and on looking through it again I think it to be one of the best things I have done and so thoroughly deserving this new presentation.

The Goddess, the divine feminine, is no mere product of a trendy esoteric fashion. She has been with us from the beginning of time, and I have tried to show some of the paths of her expression over the past couple of thousand years in her many guises as maiden, mother, initiator, protector, sorceress and faery queen – along with a manual of magical and mystical, active and contemplative techniques for contacting her.

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I regret that as I press on towards the further end of my eighth decade I am having to curtail some of my travelling about and so unfortunately will not be present at the Hawkwood or Glastonbury events that I mentioned in a previous blog. However by all accounts they will be none the worse for my absence and promise to be even more powerful and rewarding events than in the past. Meanwhile I concentrate my efforts on the written word and inner rather than outer travelling, with particular emphasis on Arthurian and Faery origins. But more of that later.

I shall also be continuing to contribute regularly to the Inner Light Journal (details with whatever takes my fancy.

Blessings to all!