Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Keepers of the Planetary Flame

Some thirty years ago I started a project known as the Keepers of the Planetary Flame inviting any of my students or anyone else of good will to take part in a small personal ceremony each day with the interests of the planet Earth at heart. The main concern at that time was to perhaps do something to discourage our fellow human beings from launching a nuclear holocaust. This dangerous corner having been passed, it seemed, the loose informal fellowship was discontinued.

However, in the new millennium it seems that even bigger crises await us in terms of our capacity to destroy the environment. This is currently expressed in terms of avoiding climate change, yet those who are conscious of the inner side of things and our spiritual stewardship of the planet should be concerned with rather more than improving our carbon footprints.

This can be aided by meditational work, and all you need is a stone or crystal, a candle, and the good will to devote a few minutes each day to the cause. My good friend Coleston Brown has agreed to set up a site dedicated to the running of this scheme, for full details of which you have only to go to www.magicalways.com/KPF.html

I hope you will join us in this good work and that as a Keeper of the Planetary Flame many blessings may flow back to you.