Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Faery Gates of Avalon

My latest book has just been published - "The Faery Gates of Avalon"

This is a mind blowing re-take on the function of the ladies of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table.

How in the earliest Arthurian romances they were faery women acting as guides, guardians and lovers to the knightly heroes, inciting or enticing them onto quests that were in reality initiations into Faeryland.

I have taken the stories of Erec, Yvain, Lancelot, Perceval and Gawain from the Old French romances of Chr├ętien de Troyes - who got them in turn from Welsh and Breton story tellers steeped in Celtic myth and legend - and have high lighted the faery dynamics that have been obscured by later writers - whether pious monks or secular chivalry buffs.

What is more, “opening the faery gates” remains possible and relevant to us today, and these tales can tell how best to go about it.

For full details on how to buy this book go to the publisher’s web site www.rjstewart.net