Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Anthology of Occult Wisdom Vol.3

Just published by Datura Press www.daturapress.com or daturapress@gmail.com is the third volume of Anthologies of Occult Wisdom, which on this occasion features the work of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Ernest Butler and Gareth Knight. As I am a major contributor to this volume I will forebear to review my own work but pass on an independent review by the Inner Light Journal.

"As we head into Autumn I offer you another absolute cracker! Many of our readers will know or have known one or more of these greats of the magical world (two of whom are still alive at the time of going to press!). Friends, teachers, inspirations all.

"This is the first of the SOL archives that I have seen, and very impressive it is too, what a wonderful idea it has been, to transcribe from fading Gestetnered copies and barely-audible tape recordings the amassed wisdom of forty years or more. What a huge job it must have been! We may have read all the books by these well-loved authors, but many of us have not been able to attend as many lectures and conferences as we would like, so it has been a pleasure both to revisit the familiar and to discover the unfamiliar, new facets of, dare I say, insight into the personalities of these Elder Statesmen? ('not so much of the Elder,' I hear them grumble). It is because much of this material was originally spoken rather than written, that the 'voices' of the authors shine through, it is as though we hear them speak. Marvellous!'

"I love the outdated and un-pc comments from long ago, which are apologised for in the introductions! Please don't ever edit them out! They show how much things have changed over the years and also make me chuckle. There is hitherto unpublished material here too, including a particularly interesting piece by Gareth Knight, his 'Reflections on the Mirror of Venus'. So many thanks to all who are involved in undertaking this sterling work of archiving for future generations. Power to your printing arm!"

Contents List:
Social Work and the Unseen; The Automatisms of Mediumship;Trance; by W E Butler.
The Seven Jewels of the Heart; The Solo Practitioner in Magic; The Practice of Group Magic; by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.
Dion Fortune in Bristol & Somerset; The Magical Life; Avalon of the Heart; Interview with 'Magickal Light'; The Faery Tradition in Arthurian Legend; Dion Fortune & the Masonic Tradition; Reflections on the Mirror of Venus; DF lives! - OK? ; by Gareth Knight.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Through the Skylight

Great news! Well known esoteric author Alan Richardson has joined the list of Skylight Press writers with a brilliant novella "On Winsley Hill". You can keep up with breaking news of Skylight Press by going to http://skylightpress.wordpress.com/
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