Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gwenevere and the Round Table

Here is a book not to miss if you have any interest in the Arthurian, Grail or Faery traditions. By Wendy Berg, to whom I passed over the running of my group when I retired. Gwenevere and the Round Table puts the faery elements of Arthurian legend into practice, showing how the Round Table was an actual, practical system of magic. A series of meditations, magical exercises, guided visualisations and a full ritual will take you into each of the five faery Kingdoms described in the legends, Lyonesse, Sorelois, Gorre, Oriande, and the central Grail Kingdom of Listenois. At the heart of these mysteries is the Round Table of the Stars, an experiential journey through 12 constellations, which very neatly and remarkably demonstate the continuing work of the Round Table into the future.

I think this is a classic! Not only a lucid guide to faery dynamics in Arthurian and Grail legend but what to do about it, why, and how. A practical follow up to Wendy's mind blowing Red Tree, White Tree. Highly recommended.

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