Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Review of "The Faery Gates of Avalon"

"Another book not to be missed" says the first review to hand of my latest book "The Faery Gates of Avalon" - which I modestly think is the most important book I have written for a long time - and it took me long enough to write and research! Whilst a reader whose knowledge and experience I value highly writes in: "once started, I couldn't put it down. It seems to me that you cleared away the centuries of overgrown brambles to reveal the "faery castle" hidden away for so long. I'm sure further readings will lead one into a very special place."

Anyway, for the review - destined for the Inner Light Journal:
The Faery Gates of Avalon by Gareth Knight ISBN 978-0-9819246-2-5
PB RJ Stewart books £15.95

Here we have another book with a proper index, and with layer upon layer of meaning to be discovered; we move forward into the 12th Century and to the work of Chretien de Troyes, who tells tales of Arthur in the Trouvere tradition to his patron, Marie of Champagne, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine. In exploring the tales of Erec, Yvain and Perceval, of Guenevere and of Gawain, Gareth Knight goes back to a fountain of inspiration for those who wish to “open the Faery gates” through the Arthurian tradition.

We are looking at a series of initiation tales, thinly disguised. The “heroes” are earthly knights, and the initiators are Faery women.

The different dynamics of the ever-changing relationships between Knight and Lady are as tantalising today as in the time of the Courts of Love. And if you are asking yourself why we would wish to re-enter the Faery realms, there are answers here. The Lords of Story are invoked, and we are invited to make our own entrance through “The Faery Gates of Avalon”, if we dare, to undertake our own quests in realisation of our spiritual heritage, as human beings, in Earth.

A worthy addition to the oeuvre of one who has dedicated his life to the elucidation of the Mysteries, while allowing the living heart to remain what it truly is…a Mystery that each must approach alone. Highly recommended.